Synergy Tan

Synergy Tan
Fall in love with Synergy Tan... It's easy to fall in love with the Synergy Tan collections of premium tanning products made especially to pamper your skin and give the best color possible.

For skin so opulent and rich, it's positively "trust fund worthy", try our new Filthy Rich collection or fall in love with Cupid's Spell sublime, breathtaking potions. Our newest addition to the Downtown Brown Collection - Hey Gorgeous! will lavishly pamper your skin with head-turning gorgeous color. Whether you're a Swanky Girl, into Something Sweet, or Surf's Up ready, your deepest tanning desires are satisfied with our tanning collections.

Give me Sexy
Regular price: $54.00
Sale price: $26.95
Go Dark
Regular price: $26.00
Sale price: $13.50
Take Me Tropical
Regular price: $23.00
Sale price: $11.50
The Good Stuff
Regular price: $24.00
Sale price: $11.95